Chapter 1. Intro

Table of Contents
1.1. About LMS
1.2. Authors
1.2.1. LMS Developers
1.2.2. Others
1.3. Legal Notice
1.4. Other Information
1.4.1. Contact
1.4.2. Ideas and Bugs Reports
1.4.3. Newest version
1.4.4. Changelog
1.4.5. Commercial Support

1.1. About LMS

LMS (LAN Management System) is a package of applications for managing LAN networks. Its main goal is to provide the best service to customers, as seen in large ISP companies. LMS is written in PHP, Perl and C and can use MySQL or PostgreSQL as its database backends. The following functionalities are provided at the time:

Initial components of this software were invented to aid administration of ASK NetX (amateur computer network) and it's still developed and tested here.

LMS won't replace administration skills. If you can't handle installation and configuration of your system, you likely won't manage to adjust LMS for your system. In short - administration of UNIX systems is needed to operate this software.