3.12. Stats

This is interface to view bandwidth consumption per host statistics enclosed in bar graphs. Statistics contains data about sent and received bytes for given interface for each node. Using drop down menu you can quickly generate statistics for given time periods: last hour, day, 30 days or year.


You need working lms-traffic Perl script or lmsd daemon running to collect statistics.

3.12.1. Filter

Before you can see graphs you can define parameters to limit period or network (if you have many), top number of computers considered and sort output as you like (ie. by top download).

3.12.2. Compacting

Depending on chosen update frequency amount of database data used for statistics might grow fast, which will lead to extension of time needed to generate statistics. For that reason in 'Compacting' menu you're able to shrink your database size without data loss. This module will compact data using following logic:


Data approximation is irreversible.

It's possible to do database compacting with cron. Compacting page can be viewed (executed) directly by web browser in following way:

links -dump \

3.12.3. Reports

Here you can print statistics of given customer in selected month. Printout consist upload/download summary grouped by month days with average transfer speed.