3.5. Net Devices

In this panel you're able to keep all your network inventory and define connections between your equipment and customer nodes. Each device (switch, hub, router, server) might have also IP address(es) assigned.

3.5.1. List

List of devices might include its names, symbols, physical and logical location, description and number of available connection ports. You might sort its output by any highlighted column. To see device details or define all options and manage connected devices just click on selected record. It's also possible to interchange two connections between devices on this screen.

3.5.2. New device

Network device should have unique name, all other parameters (manufacturer, model, serial number, ports, location and description) are optional.

3.5.3. Search

You can search for devices here by any given criteria. You can enter whole IP, MAC or device name, or just its fragment and search will guess for you.

3.5.4. Map

Selection of 'Map' option draws graphical map of entire network. You can define root device, which will appear on top of the map and all other devices will be drawn relative to it.


You need GD or Ming library compiled in PHP to be able to use graphical map.

Use 'map_type' option in section [phpui] section to specify type of map. Set it to "flash" if you've got Ming library, "gd" for graphic images or "openlayers" if you want to use map based on this library. By default (option not set) LMS will try to generate flash map, and when this fails, t will fallback to GD.

Device status is shown on the map - computers in black are offline. Question mark on device icon means that its status is unknown (device has not been scanned yet). To use this functionality you need to setup scanning script in crontab. Computer is marked as online if computer was online on last successful scan and period since last scan is lesser than defined in configuration (Default: 600 seconds). This parameter can be set with lastonline_limit in [phpui] section of configuration file. Above feature applies both to computers and devices, but in case of devices all its ports (IPs) must be up for device to appear online. Computers status is also available on nodes list in 'Nodes' panel.


You can use lms-fping Perl script or lmsd daemon to probe hosts availability.