2.2. Requirements

2.2.1. Web Server

Because LMS-UI is written in PHP, it needs Web server to work. Apache is preferred (www.apache.org).

2.2.2. PHP Interpreter

Interpreter version should be 5.2.x or higher. PHP can be downloaded from www.php.net. At least following PHP modules needs to be installed (look for "extension" in php.ini or in output of phpinfo function):

2.2.3. Database Server

MySQL server in version 5.x is supported. Probably LMS won't work correctly with older versions.

PostgreSQL in version 8.4.x or higher is supported.

2.2.4. Smarty Library

LMS-UI requires Smarty library (http://www.smarty.net) in version 3.0 or higher. Newer versions of Smarty requires that you have not enabled "magic_quotes_runtime" (set to Off) option in PHP configuration.

2.2.5. Perl

LMS-MGC and the rest of Perl scripts requires also Perl interpreter and some modules:

2.2.6. C Compiler

If you intend to run LMS Daemon you will need working C compiler, because daemon will be provided in source code form only.

2.2.7. Web Browser

LMS has web user interface, so you'll need web browser with javascript and cookies enabled. Our exparience says that Mozilla Firefox 1.x will be a good choice.