7.6. Restrictions

Each system has its restrictions. Some of ours are inherited from SQL engine being used. Some from assumptions (nearly) knowingly made by developers. Those are current restrictions:

7.6.1. LMS project related

Amount of money (in 'cash' table) was stored (as of lms-1.1) as 32 integer value, so if you had 5000 users you might had problems in 8 years or so. Nowadays (since lms-1.1.7 Hathor) we use more appropriate type [ decimal (9.2), with 2 significant places after dot and 9 numers for whole sum] and the maximum is 9'999'999.99 (sum of all in/out cash operations). Procedures converting numbers to words are able to process numbers as big as 10^18.

7.6.2. SQL engine related